Specialized Treatment Options for Foster Kids

Focused Behavioral Therapy and Counseling Services

At Safe Haven, we provide around-the-clock foster care services for children ranging anywhere in age from birth to 21 years old. We work with each child to help him or her achieve optimal mental and behavioral health before being placed at the discretion of the director. Our services include case management, quality assurance, nursing, oversight, and behavioral therapy. Based on their own personal diagnoses, some children may require additional help or services. Our organization offers specialized treatment and care options throughout the Macon, Georgia, area.

Serving Those Who Need Help Most

We help children with many different intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities. Common physical disabilities we work with include cerebral palsy and medical conditions that leave children in a fragile or nonambulatory state. For behavioral issues, we often support children who have experienced trauma from troubled households or sexual abuse. Some of the disabilities and behaviors that we are experienced in working with include:

Intellectual & Developmental: Autism | Asperger Syndrome | Down Syndrome
Behavioral (Children Who Are): Noncompliant | Violent | Disruptive | Manipulative | Prone to Running Away, Throwing Tantrums, or Stealing
Mental: Bipolar Disorder | Schizophrenia | Generalized Anxiety Disorder | Other Mood or Personality Disorders

Steps to Become a Foster Parent

Thank you for your interest in giving a child a chance. To become a foster parent, you must complete the following steps:

  • Apply at Our Office
  • Complete the Required Documents
  • Submit to a Criminal Background Check
  • Get a Home Evaluation
  • Take the Necessary Orientation and Training
  • Introduce Yourself to the Child to Start the Placement Process